The Basics of SEO

SEO Basics

When you look at your website there can be quite a few questions as to how it should look. How the site is setup is incredibly important and is vital to not only the people coming to your site, but also to your SEO (search engine optimization). The 2 questions to remember when looking at a website are, “Can I find my way around the site easily and is the site attractive?” The nicer a site looks and the easier a site is to navigate the longer someone is going to stay on it and engage. This is what any good site should be producing, engagement. Here are some basic tips that will help your SEO and help attract more customers to your site:

  1. Look at your website like a newspaper. Does it have a main title announcing what the site is, like the name of your business? Does it have headings that pinpoint certain topics that someone would want to read, like your services or amenities?
  2. Do you have calls-to-action on your website? CTA’s or calls-to-action would be something that would entice the website visitor to engage somehow. A good example would be a “Reserve Now” button or “Sign up for our monthly newsletter” form.
  3. Does your main menu give a clear message as to what someone would be clicking on? You want to keep main menus simple and direct. If someone is looking for your contact page it should be simple and say Contact or Contact Us.
  4. Does your site utilize pictures and video? Pictures and video attract more clicks and engagement than plain text alone. Having videos on websites have shown to increase engagement by more than 5 times over just plain text.

TXAD Internet offers search engine optimization services that are cutting edge with the latest algorithm updates from Google and the other search engines. We not only optimize your site for your best keywords, we track and report back to help you see your ROI so that you make the best possible decision on where you spend your advertising dollars.

We currently offer two SEO packages to fit any of our client’s needs. The basic package is for small to medium size websites, while our advanced package is for larger websites and offers more time and keywords to help reach your target audience.

Please visit for more information on our new advanced SEO packages for your website. For a free consultation and free SEO report contact our website director, Braden Walker, at or toll-free at 877-518-1989.

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